Dexter R. Jones

Influenced by the cultural richness of his Caribbean heritage and Pan-African studies, Dexter R. Jones unwaveringly removes the veil of self-conscious inhibition by eliminating the preconceived sense of beauty and reveals its true splendor in that vulnerable state. Jones relentlessly pushes the characterization of beauty not often seen. Encompassing a mixture of texture, hues, and prints in his editorial photography, his expertise in justly capturing women of vast shades is indicative from his strong matriarchal upbringing as a child. The Brooklyn, NY born photographer utilizes enticing colors and endearing gradients to surpass what is superficial and create a mood that highlights what is his reality. Jones is driven by an infectious passion that is distinctly exposed in the strong subjects he portrays. That desire is translated in the regality of his images.

Dex R. Jones is one of the youngest artists to have work featured in the Fela Kuti exhibit at the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), the Dandy Lion exhibit at MoCADA, Neekid Blk Gurls in the Rush Arts Gallery curated by Danny Simmons, and in 2013 Dexter was featured in his first solo art exhibition entitled, “Knight(ed)”.  He’s worked with such acclaimed artists as Dread Scott, Patra, Brian Kirhagis, Grammy Award Winners, Bridget Kelly & Arrested Development, Derrick Ashong of Oprah Radio, Aaron Hall and more.